1. Professional JAZZ drum set: Preferred brands are "Vintage" Gretsch, Slingerland, Rogers or Ludwig.
  2. Modern brands: Canopus, Yamaha, Sonor
  3. 20x14" Bass Drum (coated heads on both sides (Ambassador or Powerstroke 3, no clear heads, no hole or muffling);  if there are no 20" bass drums fitting this description - an 18x14" is a second choice.
  4. 12x8" Mounted Tom (no Tom stands or cymbal stand attachments! Must be mounted on the bass drum or on a snare stand)
  5. 14x14" Floor Tom w/ legs
  6. 16x14 or 16x16 Floor Tom w/ legs
  7. 14x5.5",14x6", 14x6.5, or 14x7 Snare Drum (Bring 2 snares to choose from)
  8. 4 Lightweight (Single-Braced) Straight Cymbal Stands w/ felts and wingnuts (Flat based stands are acceptable)
  9. Heavy Duty Drum Throne; Snare Drum Stand
  10. Bass Drum Pedal; Hi Hat Stand
  11. Drumheads: COATED (Remo Coated Ambassador) Drumheads on ALL drums - Bass Drum can have Remo Coated Ambassador, Powerstroke or Fiberskyn on batter side and can have an Ambassador, Fiberskyn, or Black front/resonant head.
  12. Area Rug for Drums